Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome post!

Welcome to the home of Accidentally a Mommy.

You may be curious as to the purpose of this blog. I don't blame you.

Here's the short of it:

I'm a mother of two beautiful, wonderful, other-adjectives-here children who were BOTH conceived on hormonal birth control. That's where we get the title.

The point of this blog even existing is for me to get out my urge to write that I no longer have time to indulge since my beautiful accidents, as I'm a single mom. That doesn't leave much time for anything at all, really.

Once upon a time, I was a freelance writer and editor. You'll probably see shades of that here.

You'll also find snark, reviews, opinions, foul language, sexual innuendo, and dark humor. Because that's who I am, in addition to being Accidental_Mommy.

So, if you think you can handle that, welcome to the side show!

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