Friday, April 9, 2010

Things-that-are-awesome Thursday! Week 3

Okay, so I'm a couple hours late.  Sorry 'bout that, ya'll.  School has officially started for me, and I'm still working on getting on a schedule.  I've also just begun driving again, and really working my way back into normal, functional life.

ANYWAYS.  On to what is awesome!

Meet Thurisaz, or Thur for short.  He is a One-of-a-kind DemonKidz Creation.   Here we see him happily perched atop my book case, guarding some of my most precious possessions.  (You can't see them in this shot, but the second shelf of this bookcase contains my rare and antique books.

Thur was ReBorn with love by the AWESOMELY TALENTED Miz Mare over at DemonKidz Dollworks.  He started out life as a boring, strangely orange-hued child's doll.  Through hours of hand-pigmenting and hand-painting details, sculpting horns and teeth, carving out his beautifully weathered clay accessories and sewing his pagan garb, he was transformed from weird-orange dolly to AWESOME CREEPY YET ALLURINGLY CUTE Norse Demon Kid.

Mare offers a variety of ReBorn-ing options; from whimsical to eerily realistic, with some silly, some literary references and a whole lot of otherwise awesome in between.

Every doll made is one of a kind; NO ONE will have a doll that shares a face or personality.

While these dolls are NOT toys, they can certainly be used to decorate your little monster's room if placed up high and out of reach. 

Or, you could do what I do... adopt them for yourself and place them strategically as a fun part of your otherwise grown-up and tame decorating scheme. ;)

So please... check Mare and The 'Kidz out, and see how fantastic they are for yourself.  I promise, you won't be sorry!

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  1. Accidently Mommy,
    I just read your comment on Woman Uncensoreds blog title "I was spanked and I am fine" I too have spanked on occassion and in reply to your comment I thought you might find my most recent blog interesting (I actually wrote it before I read WU blog about it)
    I hope its okay that I posted here, I couldn't find any other way of contacting you.