Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things-that-are-awesome Thursday!

This Things-that-are-awesome Thursday brings you a place!

My long-time friends Bev Webb and Fredo Gonzalez have decided to be REALLY grown-up, (like, to an extent that I can't wrap my brain around, because I totally don't feel like a grown-up, even though we're all the same age,) and have opened Gainesville's newest beer bar!

The Midnight boasts more than 60 bottled beers from around the world, Seven beers on tap (with more to come!) and a full, diverse list of wines.  There are also non-alcoholic beverages available for the designated drivers.

Swamp Head Brewery's Midnight Oil - a delicious coffee oatmeal stout from Gainesville's only brewery! 

The atmosphere is intimate but fun, and I can easily foresee The Midnight becoming the "Cheers" of the Gainesville area.  Popcorn is served instead of peanuts, and a food menu is going to be implemented in the near future.

 Left to Right: Pages one through four of the "short" menu.  The "long" menu also includes the history of the different types of beer, as well as tidbits on the different breweries and special brews.

While it is a very friendly place run by wonderful people, the atmosphere is definitely not "family friendly."  It is, however, the perfect spot for a mom's night out, or a mommy and daddy date night, since it is definitely targeted towards the mature younger crowd.  (Read as:  You probably won't find the ridiculous hipsters, nor will you be surrounded by the frat boys and sorostitutes you would otherwise be subject to at the rest of Gainesville's drinking establishments.)

The specials board!
Even if The Midnight weren't owned and operated by friends of mine, I would still give it this glowing review.  The prices are right, the ambiance is awesome, and one other VERY cool thing that I have yet to find: They take suggestions!!!  Can't find a beer or wine on the menu that you'd desperately like to see?  There is a suggestion box, where the suggestions are seriously entertained on a regular basis.

Bev Webb, proud co-owner, GM, Bartender and all-around awesome lady!

For those of you in the area, please - check it out.  You won't be disappointed!  For those of you not in the area... come visit. ;)

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