Thursday, January 12, 2012

Orange you glad I didn't say bananna?

So, I make no secret of the fact that I don't like wearing oranges.  Just...don't. Not my comfort zone, not a color I really like, just not my thing.

That said, though, I decided to play around a little bit with a couple of MSC's oranges.

Products and tools!  Makeup Forever Smoky Lash in Black, Revlon Colorstay liner in black, NYX shadow base in white, MSC King Moonracer, Tiger's Blood, Strange Potion, and Unicorns and glitter.  Depotted UDPP at the bottom.  Varying sizes of blending brushes.

 Clean eye, primed with UDPP and prepped with NYX shadow base in white.

 Waterline done with black pencil.

 Apply Strange Potion to your inner corners and bring out about half-way through your pupils.  Make sure to pat, not rub when applying the pigment.

 Do the same with Tiger's Blood to your outer corners.

 GENTLY, BARELY blend the Strange Poison into the Tiger's Blood.  Add some King Moonracer to your ducts and line your lower lash line with it.  Highlight with Unicorns and Glitter.

 Photo is intentionally blurry - check out all that glitz, particularly King Moonracer and Unicorns and Glitter!

 A little further away, but blurred for the same effect!


 "Je suis timide..."

Stay Madd, darlings!

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