Friday, March 30, 2012

Signature look March sayonara!

As we bid March an anticipated farewell, I thought I'd bring you my "signature" look.  We all have one - our go to, our comfortable t-shirt in makeup form.

Products! Rimmel soft kohl liner in black, MUFE smokey lash mascara in black, MSC Jubilee, Blueberry Waffle, Pisces, Thunder Snow and Double Rainbow, UDPP, NYX shadow base in white, visine, and baby wipes.

 Start out with a clean, naked face.  The baby wipes come in handy here, especially if you feel you need a little more than just a toner touch up.

Line your water line very lightly for a day look, a bit darker for evening.  Today I'm showcasing a day look, so I lined it light enough that it looks almost gray.

Next apply your UDPP and NYX base.  I like using a small concealer brush to apply my base.  This is where the baby wipes come in handy again - wipe your brush gently on a wipe to remove product so you can go about your other motions without getting product everywhere.  Do this with each brush you use.

Using an XL pencil brush, pack Pisces into the inner 1/3rd of your eye.

Next, do the middle 1/3rd of your eye with Blueberry Waffle.

Now pat the outer triangle with Jubilee.  Blend from the inside out with a large fluffy brush.

Blended!  See how some of the colors were a bit lost, though?

Take your Pisces and Jubilee, and a small pencil brush, and draw in the bare spots.

Much better!

Using the same big, fluffy brush, bring the Thunder Snow up to your brow as a highlight.

GENTLY blend it down.  Don't want to have to go back and fill in again.

Next, using your visine and Double Rainbow, make liquid liner.

Apply your liner and mascara!

Voila! A bright and airy day look that to me is as comfortable as PJ pants and fluffy socks.

Stay Madd, darlings!

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