Friday, January 4, 2013

Zombiegasm: A tutorial

What's this, you say? Halloween is over?  You don't need Halloween to have Zombies!!!  Blarggghhhh!!! Braiiinnnssss!!!!!

On to business.

Assemble your products. NYX Shadow base in white, MSC Graveyard Garden from the Alice in Zombieland collection, The Zed Word, and You've Got Red on You (the last two from the Shaun of the Dead collection,) MSC Optimus Primer, UD Perversion liner, and IT Cosmetics mascara.

Assemble your brushes. Lash comb, Floofy blending brush, tapered crease brush, domed shadow brush, and angled shadow brush.

Start with a clean face! Since it's midnight, I used a baby wipe on my whole face (including lids,) to just wipe away any oil or goop from the day.

Now apply your Optimus Primer and NYX Shadow base, in that order.

Line your lower lash line with UD Perversion. You want a medium-thickness line.

Tap out a bit of The Zed Word and pick it up on your angled shadow brush.

Apply The Zed Word to your ducts, bringing it gently down to your lower lash line.  Please note, this color is a light champagne with a pink shift, so it's hard to photograph.

Next, take You've Got Red On You and pick it up with your tapered crease brush.  I rarely use this brush for my crease, instead preferring to use it to create mid-lid columns.

About those columns.  Mid lid with a good amount of coverage. Like, expect a little fall-out.

Now, using your domed shadow brush, pick up some Graveyard Garden. (LOL, I typed "Gravetard garden" twice.) Again, you want enough on your brush to create a deep coverage on your lid.

Apply with a slight curve on the outside of your lid.  Don't worry about it being messy.  That's what fingertips and blending are for. Oh, and I promise you, everyone who works with loose pigments has eyeballs that look like this before they begin to blend and clean up.  It's inevitable.

With your floofy brush, pick up a bit more of The Zed Word.  This time you're going to pick up quite a bit, since you're going to use it to blend out those columns, as well as a brow highlight.

Bring it up from your duct up to the brow, and then blend down.  After you've softened the top of those columns, you want to use a light windshield-wiper motion to blend You've Got Red On You into Graveyard Garden.  GG is a blurple anyway, but that spot between the two is going to turn out to be this beautiful deep purple.  Again, difficult to capture.

An attempt to catch The Zed Word.  It failed.

A better, if yellowish, look at the blending.

Finally! A good shot of that purple and The Zed Word!

Add your mascara...

Put your glasses on, and voila! You're set!

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