Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Atomic Honey-Tiger, quick and dirty

Brush simplicity~ Large pencil brush, medium shader, stiff concealer.

Black Radiance marker liner, NYX nude shadow base, UDPP, MSC Awesome Sauce, Atomic Dreamland, Honey Rose, Tiger's Blood, Sally, and Thunder Snow.

Add a drop of Awesome Sauce to your NYX Shadow base.
Over the shadow base, pat a thin layer of Honey Rose to the entire eyelid.  I needed a bit of depth to this look without it being over the top, and this was really the key to that subtle splash of color.

Next pat Atomic Dreamland over the inner halves of your lids.

Oooh, shiney!

Tiger's Blood is a ridiculously awesomely strong pigment.  As you can see, I just kinda dotted it on in the outer half of my lid.

Blendy blendy!

A nice color wash.

Next you're going to want to cut the crease with Sally.

Gently bring the Sally down into Atomic Dreamland and Tiger's blood, but don't muddy it.

Taaa Daaaa!!!!!

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