Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pink Pixies

Assemble your tools! MSC Pink Ladies, Pixie, Greased Lightening, and Beauty School Dropout.  UDPP, NYX Shadow base in white, WnW mascara, generic mahogany brown liner, Sephora Lash Primer.

Nakey eye!

 Eye with UDPP and NYX

 Line your lower lash line with the mahogany brown.

 Using an angled shadow brush, pick up some Pink Ladies.

 Apply to inner half of lid.

 Pick up some Pixie with an XL pencil brush.

 Fill in crease and outer half of lid.  Blend gently with finger.

 Using a fluffy shadow brush, pick up some Beauty School Dropout.

 Apply lightly with a very, very gentle sweeping motion over entire eye, including over Pixie and Pink Ladies.

 With a stiff liner brush, pick up some Greased Lightening.

 Set the mahogany liner with Greased Lightening, and line the upper outer half of your eye with it, as well.

 Upper lid - zoom in and check out the pearly glitteryness that Beauty School Dropout creates.

Lower lash line

 Add some lash primer...
And some mascara...

Et Voila!  Stay Madd, darlings!

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