Saturday, March 27, 2010

Insert David Bowie Lyrics here.

So, AccidentallyMommy will be undergoing a serious overhaul here in the near future.  The business logo is almost complete.  ANYWAY, my point is, that there's changes afoot everywhere else, so I decided to make them here, too.

Anyways.  Before I create these catastrophic changes that will screw with your every-day aesthetic, I wanted to let you know so you weren't thrown for a loop, and let you know that content will remain the same.  Hell, content might just improve and become more regular, if I can compose it in an environment that is more suited to me.

There will still be Things-that-are-Awesome-Thursdays and FlogYoBlog Fridays, as well as product reviews and rants and rhetoric and audience participation.  I'm also considering implementing a weekly giveaway, as well.  There probably won't be a FB fan page, unless readership booms.  We'll see about that.  There will ALWAYS be cute pictures of my monster children, and there may even be a few more personal posts from/about me that don't have any real purpose behind them.  Like this one.

Sooo, yeah.  Rock on with yo' bad selves, and more to come very very soon!

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