Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not-so-wordless Wednesday.

Alrighty, it's well past midnight in some places.  Today's wordless Wednesday brings photos of makeup.  I have fallen in love with the indy Madd Style Cosmetix.  I'm actually hoping to bring some makeup pictorials to Accidentally Mommy here soon.  For now, though, have some photos of mah eyeballz. ;P  MSC provides awesome and unique colors, professional ingredient disclosure, proper working environments with PPE and such, and amazing customer service.  I use MSC pretty much exclusively on my eyes (and even a couple of colors on my lips,) and I can't recommend Mo more.  She is an amazing one woman army!

Top purples: Inner to outer: Lex Pink (non MSC,) Pixie to Bitch Slap.  Bottom three have inner to outer: Waffle to Jubilee with Sub Zero as a highlight to brow bone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tales to tell...

It's wordless Wednesday, but I have an announcement to preface my photo du jour.  I have a guest post up at Parentwin/Tales of an Unlikely Mother today!  I've never been a guest writer before, and I'm about peeing myself with pride.  Go check it out!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birth thoughts.

I have not one but THREE dear friends due to give light to their children within the next two months.  It has made my ovaries twitch, and made me reflect on life.

A second panel for vWD was run on me recently, and it showed no abnormalities.  In discussing this with my internist, she told me that I likely have a very mild mutation, which explains my tendency to bruise when the wind blows, but also explains why it doesn't always quant out in an ELIZA.

As much as I loved my last OB, he did what the first one did.  He tractioned.  I watched the clock - he gave me 15 minutes, and that's when he tractioned and I stopped just bleeding and began to gush.

I have informed Pater Puerii that we will be accidentally on purpose birthing at home.  I will go to clinic, but I'll be damned if I let them almost kill me a third time.

In light of all of this, I send nothing but the most blessed thoughts toward my birthing friends.  Congratulations in advance - you will have brought forth a beautiful little person into the light.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shout-out Sunday!

So, I'm sure you remember a while back when I blogged about restaurants banning children.  I found myself in a similar situation, only it was MY kids, and we were all suffering the ill effects of having a vehicle break down in 106 degree fahrenheit weather, with two children in the car, no cell service, and nothing more than the occasional farm for civilization.

Once the tow truck came, we were deposited unceremoniously at the closest gas station  while our car continued homeward.  The kids and the parents spent a spectacular one? two? three? hours at said gas station.  It happened to also contain a sub station.

I want to thank Queen Mab, Colonel Brandon, and all the other awesome employees for being so amazing.  Queen Mab, the little fey she is, provided distraction for the kids, seeing how hot, tired, and mentally exhausted we adults were.  Colonel kept the ship tight, not complaining when the children each tried to accidentally flood said sub station.  Everyone else was equally as tolerant, kind, and helpful.  Mab, if you're reading this, you truly saved our lives.

Thanks again, to all of the crew at that marsupial station!