Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Atomic Honey-Tiger, quick and dirty

Brush simplicity~ Large pencil brush, medium shader, stiff concealer.

Black Radiance marker liner, NYX nude shadow base, UDPP, MSC Awesome Sauce, Atomic Dreamland, Honey Rose, Tiger's Blood, Sally, and Thunder Snow.

Add a drop of Awesome Sauce to your NYX Shadow base.
Over the shadow base, pat a thin layer of Honey Rose to the entire eyelid.  I needed a bit of depth to this look without it being over the top, and this was really the key to that subtle splash of color.

Next pat Atomic Dreamland over the inner halves of your lids.

Oooh, shiney!

Tiger's Blood is a ridiculously awesomely strong pigment.  As you can see, I just kinda dotted it on in the outer half of my lid.

Blendy blendy!

A nice color wash.

Next you're going to want to cut the crease with Sally.

Gently bring the Sally down into Atomic Dreamland and Tiger's blood, but don't muddy it.

Taaa Daaaa!!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's okay to be okay.

Loss is never an easy thing for adults.  Even with our ability to comprehend the frailty and fleeting beauty that is life, our grief can overwhelm us.  Not just when a fellow humanimal dies, either.  Pets, and even the loss of other living organisms (See: my deceased grandmother's tangelo tree,) can cause us mourning that must be comprehended, processed, and eventually put to rest like the person/thing we're grieving over.

How does a child translate those feelings, though?  How can we help our little people to be efficient in dealing with their grief, which can easily be misunderstood and misplaced?

Firstly, it all needs to be changed up depending on the age of the child.  This can be difficult in multi-child households, because whilst trying to deal with one's own feelings, one must deal with the unique needs of each child.  Those needs are not just age/comprehension based, either.  They are also based on the personality of the child.  Is your son a child who has his feet on the ground, often serious and thoughtful?  Is your daughter a child who already has separation issues and grows very closely attached?  Just as every child is unique and we cannot teach them all the same, we cannot expect them to all to be comforted by the same manner and technique.

It's not uncommon for a child to express their feelings in manners that are undesirable and hurtful.  Small children, say, toddler age-- may skip routine activities, regress, or fret uncontrollably while older children can do the same, in addition to acting out aggressively. Not every person or child feels devastation or mourning in those ways, though. Sometimes it's just okay to be okay, and THAT needs to be stressed, as well.

I'm going to go ahead and let you in on a child psychologist's secret as the first step towards soothing the ravaged feelings of your little dude or dudette:  Honesty.

Yep.  That's going to be the first thing a child psychologist will try with your child if you find that you cannot improve the feelings of your teacup humanimal.  Whether your child is six or sixteen, they will bring your child into a calm, serene, non-threatening environment, often with toys or art, and they will level.  They will ask concise, honest questions, and they will answer return questions honestly, with examples of their own experiences.

That brings us to point two – self expression.  Art, Legos, Tinker Toys, even Matchbox cars or Barbies can be the gateway to breaking apart the negativity that can often be expressed by a child who is in mourning.  It redirects those feelings and gives them a manner of expression that can take on any form, instead of them feeling frustrated in non-pretend situations.  Allow your child that little bit extra toy time, allow them to sing a little louder, allow more fingerpainting.  These are outlets that they can use to express emotions that have very probably been building in them like steam in a pressure cooker.

Misunderstanding is also a common feeling that the child in mourning will experience.  This again comes back to honesty.  Don't tell them that Nana took a trip or that Fluffy ran away.  Be honest.  Don't tell them more than they need to know, and don't explain over their heads, but be honest.  “I'm sorry, my darling, but Nana's body was tired.”  A similar statement can be used for beloved pets.  The objects, though, can be more difficult.  In the case of my tree, my daughter was equally as heartbroken as I was.  This was a treasured family heirloom, bringing to us physical nourishment as well as the emotional nourishment it provided by holding many happy memories.  When asked why a seemingly perfect tree needed to be cut down and hauled away, with tears in my own eyes, I explained that like Nanny, all life is fleeting in the grand scheme of things.  We are a spiritual family, so I informed her that my hope was that since all living things have spirit in them, that Nanny would be receiving the spirit of her tree in the afterlife, there for her to sit under during perpetual blossom for the scent of the flowers she loved so much.

Punishing a child who is actively grieving is a slippery slope, so generally my recommendation is DON'T DO IT.  Like the fact that they can misunderstand the loss, they can misunderstand that they're being punished for their actions, not their feelings.  Instead, uit has been my experience that sitting them down and talking out the situation and why the behavior is undesirable but the feelings are allowed is the best course of action.

For our small ones who aren't yet comprehending on that level, helping them through their mourning can be ten times as difficult.  I have found that there is a very simple first step – be there for them.  Physically, make sure to touch and hug and cuddle frequently.  Babywearing very young children, temporary co-sleeping, daily and momentary cuddling – these are all things that release the neurochemicals that are key to helping them at this stage.  (Yes, processing grief even has a biological aspect, but this blog isn't long enough for that to be explained today.)

Socially, do not stop talking about said person and thing.  On terms that they will understand, explain that life is temporary.  Don't put photos away, rather, take the time to remember out loud.  It will be good for everyone involved, as love begets love, and love begets healing.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dragonfly Jubilee

Dragonflies are one of my favorite animals.  It is said that they represent the opening of one's eyes and focusing on living in the moment.  Not so different from when we do our makeup, no?  Especially if we're trying something new and intimidating.

Here in GreenSwamp we get them in all colors.  I've even seen a purple one or two.  My favorite will always be the ones who have a green abdomen and blue thorax.  The way the sun hits them when they're on a flower or darting into the water is breathtaking and relaxing.

Assemble your products.  MSC is having a color of the weeek on Jubilee is the color of the week this week.  The dragonflu look that I do has been one of my favorites for a LONG time, and Jubilee is in the front of my favorite drawer.  This is a perfect example of the versatility of the color in case you were doubting buying it. NYX Shadow base in white, UDPP, black glitter liner from WnW, Maybelline clear mascara, and WnW MegaPLUMP mascara.

Om nom nom, tasty brushes.

Apply the NYX Shadow base

Lay on the Lotus Bloom pretty thick.  Remember, pat not swipe.

Same with the Waffle down the middle of your eye.  Pat, don't swipe.

This is Jubilee. I was desperately trying to show you the amazing sparkle it has in it.

A better, blurrier picture that showcases all that glitz.

Now, using the patting method, bring the Jubilee across your crease and down to the outer V of your eye.

Before you blend, go ahead and tightline your eyes with the black pencil.  This was a cheap WnW pencil, and the only one I have EVER been able to get to work on my waterlines.

Now use the large floofy domed brush and blend.  Lotus out to Jubilee, and then Jubilee down from the crease

Add a swipe of Silver Haze to your orbital bone for highlight.

Using the clear mascara, make up some eyeliner with your Timewarp.  Use it to line the lash beds on top and bottom

I swear I'm not naked in those photos, my sweater is just huge.  I hope you enjoyed this look, and you try it yourself.  Stay Madd, darlings!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

You are very wise, little Grasshopper.

Over at Madd Style Cosmetix the color of the week for the past seven days was none other than Ecto Cooler. I won't lie - this is a color I haven't had a chance to experiment with much, but whoa... lemme tell you, it's in the favorites drawer.

This look really reminds me of summer grasshoppers down here in the swamp.  They're multi-colored and beautiful.

 Products: MSC: Awesome Sauce, Acid Bath, Ecto Cooler, Witch's Brew, Silver Haze, Misfits and Moonbeams; UDPP; NYX Shadow base in White; WnW Plumping Mascara, Black kohl liner, Taupe kohl brow pencil.

Stiff concealer brush, floofy medium peaked shadow brush, large floofy domed blending brush, medium width liner brush, brow/lash tool.

Start out with a relatively opaque application of the NYX Shadow Base.

Apply Acid Bath from your inner corner to mid-lid.  Also bring it down to the first 1/3 of your lower lash line.

Now apply your Ecto Cooler to the outer half of your lid.  This color is EXTREMELY saturated, so a little dab'll do ya.

Bring your Witch's Brew across your crease, but blend in and down to avoid a cut look.

Apply Silver Haze from crease to orbital bone, very lightly.  Another one where a little dab'll do ya.

Apply your liner.  Once again, Jalackie/Accidentally Mommy has attempted winged liner.  Outline with pencil...

And fill with Misfits and Moonbeams, both in your wing and tightlined on the bottom.

I currently have a hand-held mirror, so my results with winged liner are mixed.  Today wasn't awesome, but it wasn't awful either.  

Add glasses, and voila! Liner looks awesome behind them! ;)

Stay Madd, darlings!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Shady's back.

The title is ironic because I was once upon a time known as LdyShadow.

Hi, everyone. My name is Jackie, but you know me as AccidentallyMommy.

I left for a while. I was scared into submission by someone who, when it comes down to it, is ill. Her obsession and her drive to ruin everything and anything beautiful is a sickness, bottom line. I wouldn't let someone with a cold frighten me into becoming a hermit, and I won't let the stalker frighten me into silence. I'm standing up again, and I won't back down.

This blog can no longer be completely anonymous, though. In reality, it never was. There will be fewer and fewer posts about my children, about my blueberry nights, about pater puerii. There will still be posts, though. There will still be the catharsis that is my fingers falling on the keyboard late at night, knowing that I'm reaching an audience of eyes and ears that are here because they want to be, not out of any fraternal or familial obligation.

Guess who's back, back again.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving: an eye tutorial for Cranberry Sass!

Start, as always, with a clean face and your products gathered and orderly.  I'm THANKFUL for all of my luck in finding such awesome makeup.  Pictured: WnW MegaPLUMP mascara in black, Madd Style Cosmetix loose pigments in Unicorns and Glitter, Kick Ass, Young Blood, Dirty Beats, Mudd Slinger, and Pawn Shop.  Also shown is NYX shadow base in flesh.  Not shown: MSC Awesome Sauce, Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original.

Gather your tools! I'm THANKFUL for my Fash set - it really is awesome.

Start out with your NYX shadow base.  I needed this look to be a little more conservative, so I went with the flesh tone, but it would be KILLER if you used a white base to really make the colors pop.

See? blends right in.

Now, MSC's Young Blood OR Kick Ass could be used alone, but I really wanted a deep cranberry, the color of home-made crock pot cranberry and port wine sauce, so I mixed equal parts of both to achieve the desired color.  Play around with it and find what you prefer most, though.

Ta Daaa! Bring that color out to the middle of your lids and slightly above your crease.

Next take your MSC Dirty Beats, and working from the outside in, meet the cranberry color in the middle.

Blend lightly with a fluffy brush using a windshield wiper motion in the middle of the eye, and a flicking motion in the crease, bringing the dirty beats into the cranberry color.

Once you have those colors blended, go ahead and use MSC Unicorns and Glitter in the duct and on the orbital bone, and make a very light sweep along your top lash line with MSC Pawn Shop, using a pencil brush.

Now you're going to take a drop of Awesome Sauce and mix up some liner with Dirty Beats, and line both lower and upper lash lines.

Try to make sure your hand is steadier than mine. (Due to a medication I take, I have a chronic tremble, which is why my eyeliner is always shite, no matter how much I may practice with it.)


From the side.  You can really see the Unicorns and Glitter and the Pawn Shop from this angle.

Ignore the breakout and the lack of makeup please.  4 AM tutorial.


Don't be intimidated by the red, and don't be intimidated by sassing it up even more than I did.  You're only as green as your courage is.  Boldly go, and stay Madd!