Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The "Woman Child" and my role as one.

I just want to make it boiled-bones clear here.  I do not live with my family because I enjoy it.  I do not live with them because I am afraid to live alone.  I do not live here because I can't hack it in the real world.

I live here because as a single mother to not one, but two special needs children, it is a necessity.  I crunch the numbers on a regular basis, and daydream about paying my own mortgage instead of rent to my parents, and realize that in order for us to survive, I would need to work two to three jobs, and both kids would need daycare.

I'm not willing to put a child who doesn't speak and therefore can't tell me if he's being abused into the hands of strangers.  I'm not willing to put a child with a potentially life threatening condition into the hands of strangers.  It's bad enough that I have to put her in the hands of her teacher every day.  At least, though, that's one room with at least two pairs of adult eyes at all times.  A daycare at her age would mean that she could literally be seizing in a corner and no one would notice because she's a "big kid."

The day will come when I've finished school and have a job that will support the three of us on one single income, and that day will be beautiful regardless of the weather.  Until then, though, we're here.  We're part of a village, my kids get extra love, and whether I like it or not, I've got support when I need it and when I don't.

There's my ground, and I'm standing it.  The rest of you, those holier-than-thou with partners and their own homes who want to write articles, point fingers, or be smug and judgmental can fuck right off.  Go sit in the corner with my ex.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mabon: The colors sound like Dropkick Murphys!

Only not "Tessie," because that's Red Sox colors.

Little known fact: In addition to my other fun brain issues, I'm a synaesthete.  Colors have sounds for me.

This particular look sounds like DKM, with little surprise since it's a greens/brown/foresty look done on and for Mabon.

Gather your supplies: IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes mascara, UD Perversion pencil, NYX Shadow Base in White, MSC Optimus Primer, Afternoon Delight, Witch's Brew, and Steampunk.  Not pictured: Visine for foiling purposes.

Start out with a medium opacity with your base.  This is the NYX Shadow Base over Optimus Primer, of course.  Primer always comes first.

Then line lower water/tight lash line thickly with Perversion, or the blackest black you can find.

Pat on your Witch's Brew to the middle of your pupil. Don't go easy - you want that yellow/gold duochrome to really pop through.

Then add your Steampunk to the outer half of your lids and about 1/2 way in to the crease above the Witch's Brew.

Close up of where that crease should be.

Take a toddler break! If you don't, he will wreak havoc and bring about dooom.

Add your Afternoon Delight to the inner corner and as brow highlight.

Do a little blendy blendy.

Add your mascara....

Voila! A lovely darker green look to acknowledge the coming slide into the darkness.  

May you ever be blessed, Madd Cats, and...
Stay Madd!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pink Challenge, with Danielle!

Fellow Madd Model and I decided we were going to both do looks using nothing but pink after a discussion last night!

I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out.  Let's get started, shall we?

Start out with your products! From MSC: Optimus Primer, JEM Pink, Seedless, Winter Rose, and Hello, Sweetie! NYX Shadow base in white, MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara, UD Perversion liner, and various brushes.

Line your waterline first.  remember, you want to do this to clean eyeballs.

Then apply first your primer, and over that the NYX shadow base.  You want it to be at a mid-range of opacity.

Close up of lined eyes.

Pat on your seedless.  Seedless is this awesome baby pink with a bright green interference, hence the name - Seedless, like the watermelon. ;)

Apply Hello, Sweetie in the crease.  CUT THAT CREASE!  Hello, Sweetie is a matte that is actually pressure sensitive.  It starts out a very pale pink, but rubs down to a vibrant, almost magenta pink.  Think Cherry Blossoms.

Next, in the duct and as highlight, apply Winter Rose.  Winter Rose is a very sheer, sparkling pink that reminds me of sparkling white zin, actually.

Look at those sparkles with the flash! My camera couldn't even focus!

After a bit of blendy blendy.

Next, set your eyeliner with JEM Pink.  The JEM pink is almost matte, with larger silver sparkle to it.

Apply your mascara, and voila! A rockin' all-pink look that could be used  as sweet or sassy!

Stay madd, darlings!