Monday, January 18, 2010

Review: Green and Comfy OS pocket and sized AIO diapers

In the ongoing search for a reliable, inexpensive diaper, I stumbled across Green and Comfy diapers on eBay.  Now, everyone is wary of purchasing mass-produced diapers on eBay, and with good cause.  However, when I saw that they were once the Wonderworks diaper company, I was at ease but not quite sold.

See, here's the thing:  when diaper companies go through massive face-lifts, their products do too.  I think this is pretty universal, actually.  Anyway, while I loved loved loved the Wonderworks diapers, I was concerned that the Green and Comfy incarnation just wouldn't be the same.

Thankfully, I was wrong.  They are, in this Mama's opinion, better.

Let's start with the price.  If ordered directly through the seller on ebay, bypassing the auctions, they are $5.  Auctions for individual diapers start at $3.99.  This is universal for the pockets and the AIO's.

One-Size (OS) pocket diapers

Fit:  The pockets are One-Size, with three rows of rise snaps.  On the smallest setting, my 11 lb. 24" son is comfortable.  They are generous in fit, though, as even at 9 lbs, he swam in them.  They feature elastic in the back, to allow for a snug and leak-free fit around the waist. Additionally, the wings feature a snap-over option for trimmer babies.

Legs:  I'll admit - the lack of leg gussets had me skeptical.  As long as the rise is set correctly and the waist snapped tightly, though, there is no problem.

Materials:  The outer PUL is a very tight weave, trim but sturdy.  The inner suede cloth is high quality with an anti-pill quality.

Performance:  These are absolute work horses.  Because Green and Comfy does not yet offer inserts to go with them, I used the bumGenius one-size microfiber inserts.  My son, a heavy wetter at 2 months old and already sleeping in six hour stretches, was able to wear these for up to five hours during the night with no leaks. 

Overall impression:  You CANNOT get a better pocket diaper for this price.  Or any price, really.  Zero leaks, zero pilling, excellent construction, and very trim on the child.  I'm in love.  The only downfall is the lack of included insert, but that can easily be remedied.

Sized AIO diapers

Fit:  I have only tried the small, as Bug is only two months old.  That said, they have a fit that is really quite middle ground.  I can see these working for very petite as well as rather chunky babies.  Like the pockets they include the back elastic to ensure a snug fit.  The wings also include the snap-over option that is found on the pockets.

Legs: Same as the pockets above.

Material: Same PUL and suedecloth, with a wide absorbent core.

Performance:  Definitely not as long-lasting as the Pocket diapers.  I was displeased to find that these leaked considerably after only a two hour nap.  They held up well for trips to the doctor's office and grocery store, as well as short car rides.

Overall impression:  Not so impressed.  These will be used for our back-up diapers only, and I will not purchase them again when Bug outgrows them.  I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I will pack them up for any later children, or whether I will pass them on to another family for free.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this review. I've been looking for AIO's and pocket AIO's for my price range. I too ran across them on e-bay (haven't purchased yet, just bid on). They are cheaper than making my own (which I didn't want to do). Karla-AR

  2. Thanks for posting this! I came across your review after doing a search, since I'm considering buying them off eBay as well.