Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Review: Mama Product - Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque with Natural English Clay

As always, my reviews are not in any way compensated.  It's just because I like the products.

So, I'm sitting here feeling frumpy and watching Motherhood, with my face slathered in the above named mask.  I'm watching a movie about another frazzled mom and her absurd life, and waiting for my face to dry and turn me into a fat, caucasian version of a frumpy motherly terracotta soldier. 

Now you can be one, too!

The pitch for the Mud Pack Masque boasts firmer skin and softened lines, but the draw for me is really the exfoliation and oil control it provides.  Additionally, it's a lovely english rose scent, which is one of my relaxation triggers. 

It's a standard masque - apply to skin, allow to dry and harden, wipe off with washcloth and warm water.  Because it gently exfoliates, it definitely leaves a glow and eliminates the dull I've-been-up-for-36-hours-straight haze that one's skin can occasionally accumulate.

It has a very thick, creamy, muddy consistency making application very easy and even kinda fun if you're into the whole texture thing. 

It takes approximately 20 minutes for it to dry, and it definitely dries firmly.  (See above reference to terracotta soldiers.)  Removal is somewhat messy, but that's a signature feature of any mud mask.

The ingredients for the Mud Pack Masque are minimal and delightful in their simplicity:  Distilled Water, Kaolin, Bentonite, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Propylene Glycol, Iron Oxides, Fragrance, Methylparaben

The fragrance is a bit strong, so if you have a sensitive nose, this product isn't for you.  Other than that, there's not much negative I can say about it.  I also don't advise it for anyone with dry skin, simply because it is a beast when it comes to it's attack on excess oil.

Queen Helene is one of the few ethically responsible broad-scale companies out there, and their commitment to being decent doesn't stop at their ingredients - they're fairly priced. Another positive.

Sally's Beauty Supply carries Queen Helene  products, and I've also seen them available in Albertson's grocery stores.

Go forth, defrump yourselves!

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