Friday, April 16, 2010

Shoutout to parents of more than two!

I just wanted to make a quick "You're my hero" post for those of you who have more than two little Vagina Pirates

Meet Snow White: 

Snow White is my beautiful, wonderful, AMAZING Niece.

I used to watch Snow White regularly through the week, and then there was the whole end-of-pregnancy disaster, which turned into sick baby disaster, which was then The Great Leg Incident of  '10.

Now that I'm walking and almost back to normal again, I'm back to taking care of Snow White during the day, which is AWESOME.  I love her to death - as much as my own two - and she and Kinder Major really are like sisters.  Right down to the "Mom, she hit me!" part, in fact. =P

Anyways, today was the first day that I really did more than pack the two little ones up, pick up Kinder Major from school and then come back home.  We ate lunch (IN the restaurant,) hit up the bank and did a quick grocery shop.

This was significant.  VERY significant.  I only have one carrier right now (an Ergo,) that Bug goes in.  Which means that I actually CARRIED Snow White when she needed it.  (She wears footie pajammas almost 24/7 these days, due to a suspected skin condition called Ichthyosis, which causes scaly skin production, severe itching, and in some cases a lack of sweating.  She's a very dilligent scratcher, and will scratch herself bloody if allowed.  So, to thwart her attempts to skin herself, she wears 100% cotton footies.  Which means shoes don't fit well.  Which means lots of carrying when we're out in public.)  ANYWAYS.  Everyone was extremely well behaved, but we all need a nap now that we're home. ;P

My point is that I have a newfound respect for mamas/papas who do this 24/7, every day, in all circumstances, multiple times a day.  I'm fairly certain things will get a little less hairy when we get into a groove, but wow.  Today was certainly eye opening. ;)

Kudos to you guys!  I would totally give you each a cookie if I wasn't about to land face-first on my couch, dead. ;)

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