Monday, July 26, 2010

iHappy Monday

Because, damnit, it is three hours and seven minutes into Monday.  It is already a "Monday" kind of Monday.  And also, because I damn well need a happy.  Have for weeks, and it's finally beginning to culminate into a palpable presence.

Poltergeists are not the manifestation of the energy left behind by the others, IMO.  They are instead the manifestation of all of one's stress and worry and anxiety and even to an extent, sometimes, the sadness that has been left to fester under a facade of smiles and super-mama feats of incredible strength.

Why the hell am I talking about Poltergeists on iHappy Monday, you ask?  Because, as I was taking my iHappy photo, a distinctly humanoid-profile white spot appeared on my otherwise lovely shot of my art in progress.

So, I will leave you with a different iHappy instead.

Behold, the mock-up for my newest tattoo:

And one more, because I'm feeling vain.  New hairs and *gasp* make-up!


  1. Berry pretty eyes there lovely one. Where's the poltergeist photo, I wanna see that!! ;)

  2. I love the pics you posted (and Monday has been a real beast here as well) but do NOT withold the Poltergeist pics.

    It ought to be a blogging RULE.

  3. Bow chicka wow wow! And yeah, where's the poltergeist? Tease.

  4. You know, ladies, I'm not easily spooked, but I actually hit delete on that immediately. Which, for me is REALLY unusual... I never delete any of my photos. It really unsettled me, though. I do wish I hadn't had that knee-jerk reaction, I want to go over it with a fine-toothed comb to see what it could have been.

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