Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Satisfaction: Questions for my readers!

So, I'd like to get to know you guys.  There's 64 of you who think that I write well enough/interestingly enough that you publicly follow me, and often comment.

Do you have kids?  Are they yours biologically?  Were they planned or unplanned?  For those of you who are new, I'll answer my own questions.

I have two children.  Kinder Major is five and will start kindergarten in a week.  Bug just turned nine months.  Both of them are my biological children.  I have not ever had step children or adopted children, nor have I had foster kids.  Someday, I'll be happy to welcome any of the three.  Kinder Major and Bug were surprise babies.  I was on birth control (perfect use,) with both of them.  Kinder Major is a DepoProvera baby, and Bug is an Ortho Tri-Cyclen baby.

What about you?  If you don't have children, do you want some eventually, or are you contentedly child-free?


  1. I have a 17-month-old son, Miles. He's biological and unplanned -- he's what happens when a woman with bad math and only a basic understanding of NFP tries it out. We were too broke for birth control, if that'll make you laugh.

  2. Mom of two- both of them mine biologically- ages 11 and 9. I'm semi-divorced from their father and now engaged to another man with no children of his own. I was always sure I was done after my second (who was planned, my daughter (11) was a birth control baby)and was quite content with that.

    Until last November, when I started to bend a little.

    And now a third child, the first (and only, I swear)for my fiance, is (hopefully) in our future. We've been having some issues with my fertility.

    Oh, sweet irony, huh?

  3. Two boys. Once could be called pissed at a wedding and the other could be called pissed at home. Have sex 2 timees without condoms and have two kids! Now have an IUD in.

  4. You know me. :) Two kids, boy and girl. Both very planned; the oldest was actually a Clomid baby.

  5. Yes, 2 kids. Amy is almost 4 and was sort of planned. I'd come off my birth control anyway. Isaac is 19 months and he was definitely planned. It took 16 months to conceive him. We were trying for a third, but 13 months later, no luck, so we've stopped for now.

    No step children, both are biological. I would love to foster small children when my kids are bigger.

  6. 3 Bio kids 18, 6, 4. First not planned! Last 2 were, 4 yr old was born underwater - my triumph and tribute to the retirement of my uterus.
    Have 3 step kids from previous marriages, the are 21, 20 and 17 and they are SO COOL esp now they are older.

    I was going to have a bunch of foster kids but Mr 6 has it's sort of like having a bunch anyway lol.

  7. babies! you know we wants them. he seems to be peskily awaiting the day when we have money to even try to get pregnant. i think he's crazy as my biological clock is ticking so damn loud that i can barely hear anything else...

  8. Hi! I've just started following so I thought I'd answer your questions. I have one child, age 4 months who was definitely a surprise baby as I was on the pill at the time. We're planning to have another one or two more but not for another year or two (unless we get another surprise before then!)

    I love your blog and looking forward to reading more :)