Monday, March 28, 2011

The echo of a million voices needs to be heard.

I haven't blogged in quite some time.  I worked hard to build a network of followers, of friendly faces, of people I care about and who care about me, and I've left without a word.

Life and love have been difficult.  Through my own drama and tragedy, I have been helping to mitigate the dramas and tragedies of a few of the people I love the most, in any way I can.  March has, as is tradition, brought challenges that have tested even the strongest of our reserves.

Today I come to you and I'm begging you - even though it seems as though I've abandoned  you, stand with me.

KB at Wanderlust, a beautiful soul with two amazing children and the fortitude of a giant, needs our help.  Her life has been it's own horror film, full of the horrors that we naturally recoil from.  Child pornography and exploitation, a secret life being lived right next to her, unusual weapons hidden but in plain sight, abuse, threats, and the discovery of chilling "horror porn" being used for sexual purposes by someone she was most intimate with.  These are the things that can choke out a person's light.  They can leave a hollow and empty shell, and that's under the best of circumstances where that person is allowed to leave the scene of the crimes.  KB hasn't been able to.  She stays there, day after day, providing as much stability as she could for her children, the innocents caught in the plot of this twisted screen play that has become her life.

Please go, read her posts, offer your support, retweet, repost, share, text, pull strings, act on ideas... do what you can to help her.  There are hundreds of other women and children that become statistics, but you KNOW about this family, and you have the opportunity to help.  You have the opportunity to lend your voice to hers, to help her be heard, and to help her remain safe.  Maybe in the movement we create, we can establish a protocol, a guideline, a way to keep helping, so that we can pare those numbers down, one by one. The KB spouse and children protection act, or something equally as hopeful sounding. - it's not easy reading, but I encourage you to keep going.  Know the extent to which she is trapped.  Let it sink in that it could be you or me.  Help me help her.


  1. Thank you for posting, love. I tried to comment several times the other day, but my internet was spotty and it wouldn't go through. Love you babe. xo

  2. What a wonderful post about a horrible situation. Thoughts and prayers are with Wanderlust and her two beautiful children.