Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shout-out Sunday!

So, I'm sure you remember a while back when I blogged about restaurants banning children.  I found myself in a similar situation, only it was MY kids, and we were all suffering the ill effects of having a vehicle break down in 106 degree fahrenheit weather, with two children in the car, no cell service, and nothing more than the occasional farm for civilization.

Once the tow truck came, we were deposited unceremoniously at the closest gas station  while our car continued homeward.  The kids and the parents spent a spectacular one? two? three? hours at said gas station.  It happened to also contain a sub station.

I want to thank Queen Mab, Colonel Brandon, and all the other awesome employees for being so amazing.  Queen Mab, the little fey she is, provided distraction for the kids, seeing how hot, tired, and mentally exhausted we adults were.  Colonel kept the ship tight, not complaining when the children each tried to accidentally flood said sub station.  Everyone else was equally as tolerant, kind, and helpful.  Mab, if you're reading this, you truly saved our lives.

Thanks again, to all of the crew at that marsupial station!


  1. Isn’t it sweet when strangers go out of their way to help you like these did? I love that in people.

  2. Did you get the car fixed? I can't imagine being stranded with my two girls for longer than twenty minutes without losing my MIND! I was sitting there trying to think of a way to entertain them for so long before I remembered we had paper!