Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A post that isn't makeup? GASP! I bet you thought I forgot how!

My actual blogging has fallen to the sidelines while my personal life became wholly satisfying, and then alternately, a burning pile of rubble.

Today, though, I can't not blog.  I learned recently of the most touching, worthy story, and the amazing company that stemmed from it.

Tim and Jill Wymore were normal.  Two people, brought together in love, and pregnant. Their first child, Hannah, was born in 2004.  Sadly, she passed a mere nine weeks later from a rare genetic disorder called Cat Eye Syndrome.

Their son Austin was born a year later.  Once again, their child was gone before his light had a chance to reach it's peak brightness.  Austin spent a precious 13 weeks with his family.  He, too, died of Cat Eye Syndrome.

The kicker? Tim and Jill are NOT CARRIERS.  This left two possible scenarios: A medical fluke, or an environmental contaminant that caused the genetic malformations.

From this avalanche of heartache, Tim and Jill worked tirelessly to make sure no other parent had to endure it.  They envisioned a business dedicated to making sure the environment one's family is raised in is as free from those possible contaminants as possible.  Spuds, Inc. was born.

Spuds, Inc. focuses on the use of potato starch as opposed to polymers and plastics.  This green company also goes the extra mile by ensuring that their products are safe - they are manufactured in the USA, where quality control is truly quality control.

The Wymore's story brings tears to my eyes for multiple reasons.  Not only because I know some of the agonies associated with having a child who has a chromosomal disorder, but because of their losses, and then the pride I have for being a fellow human being.  They're striving to bring safety to their fellow parents, they're living a greener life, and they're providing jobs for an economy that desperately needs them.  I'm proud to be a human being.

Check out their site, won't you?  Order and rest easy knowing that you've contributed to making the world a better place, both for your family and for others.

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