Friday, August 3, 2012

Inspired by Treasure Planet

I LOVE the movie "Treasure Planet."  It's one of the most underrated Disney movies around.

It comes as no surprise, then, that I decided to do a look inspired by it whilst my daughter had it on TV.

Here's the still that served as my muse:

Are those colors not stunning? Absolutely lovely.

Now.  You know the drill.  Gather your products and equipment!

L to R: VERY large fluffy shadow brush, crease brush, medium fluffy shadow brush, medium dense shadow brush, medium pencil brush, concealer/shadow base brush.

WnW MegaPlump mascara, Sephora sparkly black liner, NYX shadow base in white, MSC Awesome Sauce, Optimus Primer, and Greased Lightening, Kablammy, Unbirthday Star, Bang Bang, Pool of Tears, Disco Biscuit, and T-Birds.

Ignore my ungroomed eyebrow.  Apply in this order: Optimus Primer, NYX Shadow base, and just the teensiest smudge of Awesome Sauce.  Allow the Awesome Sauce to dry until tacky, and then re-blend with the shadow base (using a clean finger) if needed.

Line your lower lash line.

Apply Greased Lightening to your duct with the medium fluffy brush.  Then, inner to outer, apply T-Birds, Pool of Tears, and Disco Biscuit using the firm shadow brush.  Don't worry about the fallout yet, or how even you get it.

Blend GENTLY with the XL fluffy brush.

Time to cut your crease, but double it!  Cut first with Kablammy using the crease brush, and then on top of that with Bang Bang using the pencil brush.

Apply Unbirthday Star above your crease using the firm shadow brush.  Blend down from Unbirthday Star to your blues using the XL fluffy brush.

Clean up your fallout, apply mascara.

Ta Daaa!!!!! A gorgeous, bold look inspired by one of the best Disney movies around.

Stay Madd, darlings!