Monday, September 24, 2012

Mabon: The colors sound like Dropkick Murphys!

Only not "Tessie," because that's Red Sox colors.

Little known fact: In addition to my other fun brain issues, I'm a synaesthete.  Colors have sounds for me.

This particular look sounds like DKM, with little surprise since it's a greens/brown/foresty look done on and for Mabon.

Gather your supplies: IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes mascara, UD Perversion pencil, NYX Shadow Base in White, MSC Optimus Primer, Afternoon Delight, Witch's Brew, and Steampunk.  Not pictured: Visine for foiling purposes.

Start out with a medium opacity with your base.  This is the NYX Shadow Base over Optimus Primer, of course.  Primer always comes first.

Then line lower water/tight lash line thickly with Perversion, or the blackest black you can find.

Pat on your Witch's Brew to the middle of your pupil. Don't go easy - you want that yellow/gold duochrome to really pop through.

Then add your Steampunk to the outer half of your lids and about 1/2 way in to the crease above the Witch's Brew.

Close up of where that crease should be.

Take a toddler break! If you don't, he will wreak havoc and bring about dooom.

Add your Afternoon Delight to the inner corner and as brow highlight.

Do a little blendy blendy.

Add your mascara....

Voila! A lovely darker green look to acknowledge the coming slide into the darkness.  

May you ever be blessed, Madd Cats, and...
Stay Madd!

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  1. Very pretty, I think I need to add Witch's Brew to my next order!