Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Writing runs in the family!

I've recently taken a real-life job as an editor for a small publishing house, but it's kept me pretty 24/7 busy. Kinder Major asked if I would do an edit for her if she wrote a story. Just for her.

Not gonna lie, ya'll. I have tears of pride. I added punctuation, paragraph breaks, and a few caps. The rest is allll my baby.

Lonely kidnap

One late spring day in butterfly woods, there were some apartments. One of the apartments was very special because two kids named jack and Annie were very nice to all the people. That’s what made the two kids great. One day in march they went to the store to buy some stuff for Easter, and on their way to the store- boom- they were kidnapped by a criminal.

The criminal thought that if he took the kids he could get the thing he really wants. He cant get it because it is surrounded by lasers so he thought the kids could do their puppy eyes on the owner of the thing, so he forced Jack and Annie to do the puppy eyes on the owner. The puppy eyes did not work, so he tried jumping over the lasers but when he tried that it did not work because he was caught so he had to go to jail for 20 years.

Jack and Annie told the police that they were forced to do their puppy eyes on the owner of the great thing, so Jack and Annie and their family did not get in trouble with the police because they told the truth. They had the best rest of their lives together.

The lesson for kids and adults is that if you tell the truth you will not get in trouble. So has that ever happened to you? If it has not, just go with your kids everywhere they go until they are 17, because it might happen some day, so be careful ok? This story was made by Ella Jane. By the way, Ella Jane is 8 years old.

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  1. Once, I didn't tell the truth and I got in a LOT of trouble, so I learned after that to always tell the truth! I wish I had read your Kidnap story before then! It would have saved me a lot of trouble because I would have known to always be honest and tell the truth.

    Thank you for a wonderful story and tale. I will make sure my kids read it when they get a little older, too.