Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Because.

Someone I know (who is also quite outspoken and opinionated,) posted a list of "Just Because" statements in an attempt to help certain people in her life understand her views.  I thought it was a phenomenal idea.  The simplicity of it is delightful.  No long explanations, just one-sentence long statements that lead to a clearer understanding of who she is and what she believes.  I've decided to poach it from her!  I now bring you me, the surface layer, in the form of Just Because!

  • Just Because I'm uncomfortable MilkSharing for my babies doesn't mean I don't support other mamas who are.
  • Just Because I cloth diaper doesn't mean I'm a snob, or that I judge people that use disposables since I've been known to use them on occasion, too!
  • Just Because I'm a mom doesn't mean I'm not an individual.
  • Just Because I don't believe in circumcision doesn't mean I don't understand the sociocultural motivation behind SOME of those who do.
  • Just Because I'm fat doesn't mean I'm not beautiful.
  • Just Because I'm Bipolar doesn't mean I'm not a good parent.
  • Just Because I'm outspoken doesn't mean I'm intolerant.
  • Just Because I'm liberal doesn't mean I don't respect more conservative views.
  • Just Because I blog doesn't mean I don't value privacy.
  • Just Because I'm poor doesn't mean I take advantage of the system.

So, dear readers, what's on your "Just Because" list?  Post it yourself, let us scratch the surface of the many facets of you!


  1. wow,,what a great id i may just poach this from u!

  2. ohhh....im going to do one of these....i will link to you as well :)

  3. Awesome, ladies! I look forward to reading them. :)