Sunday, December 11, 2011

You are very wise, little Grasshopper.

Over at Madd Style Cosmetix the color of the week for the past seven days was none other than Ecto Cooler. I won't lie - this is a color I haven't had a chance to experiment with much, but whoa... lemme tell you, it's in the favorites drawer.

This look really reminds me of summer grasshoppers down here in the swamp.  They're multi-colored and beautiful.

 Products: MSC: Awesome Sauce, Acid Bath, Ecto Cooler, Witch's Brew, Silver Haze, Misfits and Moonbeams; UDPP; NYX Shadow base in White; WnW Plumping Mascara, Black kohl liner, Taupe kohl brow pencil.

Stiff concealer brush, floofy medium peaked shadow brush, large floofy domed blending brush, medium width liner brush, brow/lash tool.

Start out with a relatively opaque application of the NYX Shadow Base.

Apply Acid Bath from your inner corner to mid-lid.  Also bring it down to the first 1/3 of your lower lash line.

Now apply your Ecto Cooler to the outer half of your lid.  This color is EXTREMELY saturated, so a little dab'll do ya.

Bring your Witch's Brew across your crease, but blend in and down to avoid a cut look.

Apply Silver Haze from crease to orbital bone, very lightly.  Another one where a little dab'll do ya.

Apply your liner.  Once again, Jalackie/Accidentally Mommy has attempted winged liner.  Outline with pencil...

And fill with Misfits and Moonbeams, both in your wing and tightlined on the bottom.

I currently have a hand-held mirror, so my results with winged liner are mixed.  Today wasn't awesome, but it wasn't awful either.  

Add glasses, and voila! Liner looks awesome behind them! ;)

Stay Madd, darlings!

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