Monday, May 10, 2010

Coming back and showing my meme streak...

(U see what I did thar?)
So, I have decided that I cannot stay away from you guys any longer.  Even though I still have no computer of my own and this one seems to loathe blogger (In the I'm-going-to-crash-if-you-try-to-read-the-blogs-you-follow kind of way,)

Today, I come back with a meme.  Being technologically cold and barren has led to a winter of discontent, in that I have had a chance to sit and observe my surroundings, think about the things I've been involved in and said/done, examine the people I associate with/am a fan of, and I've learned something:  I don't actually like half of any of it.  I've known this moment was coming... It started with the gut-wrenching realization that I was beginning to dread what I had most looked forward to since the birth of Kinder Major - the road to midwifery.  The realization that I was jaded with the people I would have to deal with regularly, and thusly would be miserable pursuing it, was just the beginning of what I was to come to realize I dreaded.

This brings us to the meme.  Claire Marie started the whole shebang, with K at Wanderlust being the one to bring it to my attention.  The short of it?  Jot down a few letters that you've thought but never sent.  Then, post them for all the world to see, and hope your neighbor that you've just called an alcoholic asshole doesn't come and shit on your front porch.  Here, I'll show you mine.  It's only polite to show me yours. :)

Dear Charlie Crist-
Thank you for proving me wrong.  You have no concept of how much it actually, really, in my heart means to me.

Sarah Palin-
Just stop opening your mouth.  I will never let your betrayal of your gender go, nor will I forget about the complete lack of empathy and kindness you have for the living beings that you share the world with.  You are a complete waste of a Vagina.

Dear JAJ-
I so want to believe that you are the semi-decent human being I thought you were many years ago, and that your psychotic life partner has just led you astray.  Please, please don't fuck things up any more than you have already.  I'm giving you another chance, even though you don't know it's me.  In the end, I have the final say.  PLEASE don't fuck it up.  For her sake and the little one's.  They deserve to know each other, but I will not allow you to further damage her just for that reason.  You're on tenuous ground.  Beware.

Dear Florida-
Please bounce back from this.  My soul belongs to you, no place else will ever be home.  I already sob daily as I look at the oil-flow trajectory, and hear about the clean-up efforts already in place along your beautiful and one-of-a-kind shores.  I desperately want my children to be able to experience your wonder like I have, and understand why I will never leave.  Please, if the strength of one human's love for you is even remotely possibly enough to heal you, in the grand scheme of the universe, draw on mine.  In the meantime, I will contribute in every way I can to the efforts being made to minimize the damage.

Friends boycotting Nestle-
Please remember that Nestle is the producer of the only food my son can tolerate, and I am out. of. milk.  I cannot go off my meds, and I have no one I trust to donate milk to him.  Without Nestle's product, my already challenged son would starve.  It really frustrates me that you cannot see that they do provide a necessary service to mothers like me, mothers you call friends, mothers who are out of all other options.  You claim to be tolerant, but really?  You're extremely hurtful sometimes.

The people who want to judge me for having "two different babydaddies, bein' on medicaid, not workin' and just bein' a goddamn leech of a breeder"-
Fuck you, too.  I've worked steadily since literally the day I turned sixteen.  I've paid taxes, I've contributed to my community and charities, and I've given back as much as I can in return for what I've been given.  I am a student, I am raising my children to be happy and functional so that we don't perpetuate a cycle of poverty, and even though I am not paid in cash that is taxable, I have a job.  Snow White deserves to be someplace where she can remain as healthy and comfortable as possible, and it is my job as her aunt to protect her and provide her (and my brother and sister-in-love) with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that she is in a safe place with someone who understands her and understands what is going on with her.  So fuck you right in the ear for insinuating that I sit on my ass all day, plotting how to pop out more kids in order to fuck the system and rob you of your precious money.

And, to end on a happy note...

Dear dogs-
Thank you for your unconditional, smelly, dirty, loud and slobbery devotion.  The past few nights that I have been so overwhelmed that I would have otherwise cried myself to sleep, your concern and quiet comfort reminded me that it's not always as bad as it feels, and there are a few things that will never be ruined, like your goofy puppy smiles.


  1. Excellent!! Yours is a lot more passionate and less goofy than mine, but I love it, and I feel like I might need to vent this way next week...

    I'm glad you liked the meme, and I'm glad I found your blog. You seem like an incredibly strong person.

  2. I'm hoping Florida and the rest of the Gulf bounces back from the oil spill too. It is tragic. Perhaps that could be a possible use for Palin's vagina (so it's not a total waste); it could be used to scoop up sludge.

  3. Claire Marie: YES. This should be a weekly event. I think it would definitely benefit you, me (and my recycling bin, since those wine bottles add up quickly,) and everyone else who has tried it.

    KB: I do hope all of our shores bounce back, but I know that there are other people in the rest of the states that love their home shores/states as much as I love Florida, so I don't feel guilty telling Florida only how much I love her and need her to be strong. Truth be told, though? I'm terrified for all of us.