Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hump Day Happiness

I'm just all sorts of meme today, it seems.

Truth be told, I'm having a crap day.  As I was sitting here, wallowing in self pity and tea, I saw that Naomi over at Under The Yardarm started a McLinky for Hump Day Happiness.  (Go to her blog to enter and read.) Then I clicked through them, and realized that the time for wallowing was done, and I needed to quickly remember why life doesn't suck.  Then I needed to post it for ya'll to see, share, and perpetuate the meme.

So, here we go.  Happiness on this humpday is...

  • A baby who smiles, in spite of getting two teeth in within 24 hours of each other.
  • A daughter who is so empathetic and kind that she doesn't hesitate to say to the cashier at the grocery "You look like you have a sad face.  Please don't be sad, I love you!" at five years old.
  • Knowing that I have a bottle of wine chilled and waiting for me as a reward if I get my homework done in a timely fashion tonight.
  • Amazing, supportive, friendly people like you to surround me, and remind me that I'm not alone.


  1. Beautiful! Happy hump day :-)

  2. What a wonderful 5 year old you have.
    And here's cheers to a wine after homework :)

  3. This is just lovely. And your daughter's comment, wow! Bestill my heart.

  4. Thank you, ladies. I'm so, so incredibly lucky to be her mama.

  5. What an amazing daughter you're raising! Hope your hump day improved.