Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So... Close...

A few things of note, my Droogs.  Then we can return to our regularly scheduled milk bar antics.

1.  We are SIX Droogs away from a give-away!  Fifty followers, five items.  So on, so forth, ad nauseum.  (50 followers, 5 items.  100 followers, 5 items, to infinity and beyond!!!!)

2.  My financial aid finally made it's way to me.  I spent approximately $3k in one day.  The upside to all that money being gone already is that I'm currently waiting impatiently on a late fedex delivery for my shiny new laptop (something I have never bought brand-new before,) to arrive, I've gotten another Ergo for the Trio of Terror days, and Ella's new car seat is happily chillin' in the backseat of my car.

3.  I have an extremely cute new dress and shoes to wear to a wedding this weekend.

No, there is nothing else of substance in this post; I just wanted to be social.  I'll get back to my egocentric narcissism tomorrow. ;)

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