Friday, June 11, 2010

Give-Away update!

I have not forgotten my promise, darlings!

I am, however, waiting on a couple of artists to decide what they're going to offer up to you.  And, because I'm a benevolent mail-order goddess, I am going to make the give-away seven items instead of five.  It is (and has been) open internationally, so all of you may enter.

Right now, there are three definites:  AM's must-haves for baby kit, AM's must-haves for munchkins kit, and AM's must-haves for mommy kit.  We have three artists - one that does beautiful hand-painted scrabble tile pendants, one that works with clay, and another mixed-media.  All are stay/work-at-home mamas.

Stay tuned, it's coming!  I promise!

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